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ZooDoo Compost


ZooDoo Compost (40 litre bag)
Hoof stock (giraffe, zebra, elephant, bison, antelope, llama, rhino, hippo and camel) manure, and bedding straw is collected from the Auckland and Wellington zoo's and shredded, then put into piles before being covered with black plastic so that it heats to high temperatures.  This hot method of composting kills weeds and diseases, sterilising the compost.  Every two days the piles of compost are turned and, after approximately two and a half weeks, the compost is mixed with aged bark fines, and packed into bags ready for use.  The end result is a sweet-smelling, easy to handle, quality compost-high in nutrients.
Guaranteed Weed Free
ZooDoo Compost
ZooDoo Terracotta & Tub Mix


ZooDoo Terracotta & Tub Mix (22 litre bag)
ZooDoo Terracotta & Tub Mix contains screened ZooDoo compost, ground pumice and a nine month slow release fertiliser (nutricote).  This sweet smelling mixture is specially formulated for outdoor tubs and containers and is ready to use.
Guaranteed Weed Free
ZooDoo Terracotta and Tub Mix
ZooDoo Rose Mulch


ZooDoo Rose Mulch (22 litre bag)
ZooDoo Rose Mulch is a blend of naturally composted hoof stock manure, bedding straw and aged, stabilised softwood bark which is added to ensure a mulch with nice open structure and slightly acid pH.  The naturally occurring nutrients in the mulch are enhanced by the addition of nutricote.  This mix has been designed for roses, however, all acid lovers such as camellias, azaleas, rhododendrons, erica, boronia, daphne and hydrangea (for blue petals) will reap the benefits.
Guaranteed Weed Free
ZooDoo Rose Mulch
Bark Nuggets


Bark Nuggets (45 litre bag)
Quality decorative Bark Nuggets are 30-50mm. They are used on the garden for decorative purposes only and do not contain any ZooDoo.
Guaranteed Weed Free
ZooDoo Bark Nuggets
Bark Mulch


Bark Mulch (50 litre bag)
It's a blend of the outer layer bark with bark cambium (the thin, stripy, fibrous layer between bark and white wood). Screened and uniform in size it knits together providing a barrier for weed control and moisture retention, well suited to exposed and sloping areas..
Guaranteed Weed Free
ZooDoo Bark Mulch
Topsoil (22L bag)
Fresh, rich, dark, screened farm loam, may contain weeds and is usually recommended for lawns only.
Pea Straw


Pea Straw (50 litre bag)
Coarser than hay or straw, pea straw is the straw from pea bushes after harvesting. Useful as a mulch, providing valuable nutrients and improving soil structure, it also improves the soil water holding capacity and helps protect root systems from extremes in temperature. May contain pea seeds.


Sheep Pellets (DooDrops) (8 kg bag)
100% Organic Sheep Pellets
DooDrops are an excellent alternative to manufactured fertiliser, providing essential plant nutrients in a slow and gentle release. Used with ZooDoo Compost they make an excellent all round soil conditioner, improving moisture retention and helping to aerate the soil. Can be used in containers or act as a mulch.
ZooDoo DooDrops
Endangered Faeces These are little elephant's, rhino's, hippo's and giraffes, made from their own doo, which has been heat sterilised.  They are for use on outdoor pot and container plants and when watered, slowly dissolve releasing their nutrients.
EndangeredFaeces come attractively boxed and are available from selected gift shops, or you can order them online and have them delivered to your door.
Visit EndangeredFaeces Guaranteed Weed Free


Money Back Guarantee We offer a money back guarantee on all our products.  If you are unhappy in any way with our products or service, we will refund your money or replace your bags.



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